Thursday, January 22, 2009

<.< >.> ...huh

so i guess i'll update this every year or so...

i'm planning on coming back, i promise...

but i'm just not entirely certain how just yet...

any input would be great!

and, in the meantime, if you haven't started reading it, head on over to my other blog...

k thx bye! ^^

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

i guess i should start here again...

news- my mom died. not kidding. pulminary fibrosis, none the less. we thought it was pnemonia. but it wasn't. we took her to the hospital, where they said she was getting better. but she wasn't. then they said that it was pretty much the end. and it was. and i am sad. heartbroken, but peaceful. i got to say goodbye and make peace. there wasn't anything left unsaid. a lot of people never get that opportunity. and i will be eternally grateful for it.
her memorial service was nov. 4th, at Lake Highlands Church. and my uncle john, who is a member of the church said it was the first time in 25 years that the church has been that packed for a funeral. they had to pull in chairs for people to sit in the back, and there were still people standing. we estimate upwards of 500 people were there. i gave a eulogy, which was really hard, especially since i hate being in front of people, much less 500+ people. and then i played her a song. my parents gave me a guitar for graduation, and she told me that she would do this, but i would have toplay her a song. and i never did. i never thought i was good enough. it wasn't perfect. and to bring her something that wasn't perfect isn't worth it. but i realize now, that it wasn't perfection she wanted out of me. all she wanted was for me to do my best. so i did. except i was nervous and shaking, so i kept missing my frets... oh well... that's the joy of playing your own song, no one knows when you mess up.
she touched so many lives, and so many people were changed because of her. it's hard to imagine her not here anymore. it seems more like she went on vacation and will be coming back. i was the last person to talk to her (besides the nurses, i suppose) she was about to go back under sedation and be put on a ventilator for a couple of days, and she looked up at me and said "i love you brady. i'll see you soon." and i said, "i know mama. i love you too and i'll see you real soon." and i will... it's just going to be a lot later than i anticipated.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

hey check me out!

hey, it's been like a month since i posted here... maybe i should do that. ok! here we go. first things first... i got a job! huzzah! i'm working at borders books starting monday. well, sunday i have to go fill out paperwork, but officially i start monday doing book.... stuff.... (yes, that is the technical term) actually, i'm not sure what all they want me to do. i know i'm going to be doing a lot of stocking. whatever. my dress code is t-shirt and jeans. oh yeah. they told me i could wear shorts, but they had to be knee length. and i think we all know how i hate any kind of shorts that go below my knee *shakes head* that's silly. i doubt i'll wear shorts anyway.
i love lisa loeb. i recently acquired a copy of reality bites and watched it. it's a really good movie about post-college idealistic people. people like, well, like me. or at least i think so. i really identified with some of the scenes. anyway. i still don't have internets. =( oh well. maybe soon. oh and the lady downstairs offered to pay my cable bill for two months if i paid the installation. yeah, don't know. i may not even be there two months. long story and if it comes to be, then i'll let you know. otherwise, don't worry about it. hmm... i think that's about it. ok, bye!

Friday, February 09, 2007

the extra "r"

in february.
i can't believe it's already februrary. and like 9 days into it too. what happened to the long days of my childhood? the ones where the sun never seemed to go down. i could ride my bike for hours and hours and not even know it. now, it seems like the day is over before it begins. it seems that when i had all the time in the world, i did nothing with it, and now that i need to do something, there's no where near enough time. i dunno. i'm tired all the time again. and i don't really know why. i also don't really have much to say. but it seemed that i should say something. i always think of all these things to say when i'm no where near a computer that has the internets, but when i get here, there's nothing coming. who knows. anyway, i'm still looking for a job. with no luck. sucks too. um, ok, bye.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Happy New Year's baby.
I can't believe a year went by so fast.
ok, the reason for the title is my car hit 29,000 miles on my way home from my New Year's party. we'll see how far i can go in one year. i'm guessing 12,000. that's about standard. and i'm a standard guy. you know, i had so much to put here about new beginnings and stuff, but now that i'm here, that seems way cheesy, so i'm not gonna do it. but that severely shortens my post. i do have an amusing picture. this was scanned from the dallas morning news. this company bought out a section to advertise, i don't know... hearing aids, i think. anyway, here's the headline...
did you spot it? i sure did. why the world needs english majors. right here. makes me shudder to think this was posted in a nationally syndicated publication. this isn't the podunk Rowlett paper, mind you. it's the Dallas Morning News. oh how the world is unprepared for me. ok, well, lunch time. i have a craving for sharkies, but lo, i'm not in abilene. i never thought i would ever see the day where i miss abilene. but i sure do miss sharkies... maybe i could move to amarillo... who knows. ok bye!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

so, i have news...

so as i said before, my engine melted. in the less than two weeks, i had driven 6 different cars. Hanner Chevrolet is so awesome. they really helped out someone in need. car 1- the sunfire. it melted.. car 2- giant chevy silverado truck. extended cab and all that jazz. it was huge. and a tad bit hard to manage. (ask danielle how many curbs i hit in one trip). i drove it for a 5 days. but it was brand new and they didn't want me driving it to dallas for my job interview. so on my way out of town, i stopped back by there and they traded me for car 3- '04 chevy malibu. hatchback. not a bad car. really zippy. really long too. jamie was not a fan. drove this one for two or three days. then i went back to talk to them about buying a new car. there were three choices. the malibu i had been driving, an '06 cobalt, and a brand new cobalt. the brand new cobalt was actually the cheapest of the three; they had gotten some year end deal with chevy to take off like $3000 off a new car. the only problem was its a stick. and i can't drive a stick. i'm willing to learn, but it would have been impractical with moving and being in dallas. that, and i couldn't even get it to start. so scratch that. the other two cars cost the same, and really, it came down to six of one, half a dozen of another. i couldn't make up my mind. i did, however get to test drive the '06 cobalt. it has a sunroof. and on my way back to the dealership, i opened it. and then closed it. so, it came to decision making time. and that was really hard. i really wanted both of them. actually, i wanted a hybrid of the two, but that would probably be one goofy looking car. then we noticed that the sunroof hadn't closed all the way. yeah, it was broken. i didn't do it, i say. its under warranty, they say. that's great, but i still didn't do it, i say. so, as i'm sitting there, trying to make up my mind. (captain undecisive and the biggest purchase ever...) they suggest that i take home a cobalt just to see how it drives. now, it doesn't have all the same bells and whistles as the '06, but just to get a feeling for the car. the only problem was, was that they needed to fix the broken clip on the sunroof, so they couldn't send me home in that one. so car 4- brand new cobalt. not the stick shift, but another one. when i left the lot, it had 6 miles on it. when i brought it back, it had 56. i so didn't want to drive it too much. so i go back to the dealership to tell them i had decided. i had decided on the '06 cobalt. it had cooler stuff and was newer and had fewer miles and cost the same, so it was the better deal. the only problem was, the clip that broke on the sun roof couldn't be fixed. they had to order a whole new sunroof. that wouldn't even arrive for three to four days. well, i would be moved in three to four days. so, they gave me another car to drive in the meantime. car 5- giant chevy silverado. not the same silverado, mind you. i thought the same thing. no, a different one! same size, same color. not new. so, for three days i drove it around. for finals and bloobity blah blah blah. on our way out of town with a u-haul with all of my apartment in tow, we stop so i can sign the lease papers and stuff. and i would have to wait until at least monday before being able to get my new car. so, we get there and sign papers and everything is fantastic. my parents wanted to see my car. we couldn't find it. they finally found it and lo and behold, it had been fixed. i could take it that day. they just had to do a quick detailing on it. complete and utter shock. so we waited and waited and finally it was done. the owner guy, mark, told me that the next time i'm in abilene, to stop by and they would give it a full detailing work. like i would take them up on that... they let me drive 4 cars for free. and then we asked how much gas was in the car. it was almost empty. so he wrote me a check for $15 for gas. i mean, come on! who does that? if you need a car, go to hanner chevrolet in baird. tell them i sent you, and they'll treat you so well. well, they'll treat you well anyway, but you know. so, i have a new car!!!!! (pictures will be posted as soon as they're developed.) and i got all moved. i'm in a new apartment. fantastic. thanks to the mormon boys who helped us move some. they were great. thanks to my parents who helped me move out and in in about a day. yeah, that's about it. ok, well, i'll be seein' ya. i don't have the internet yet, so its kinda sad... (i'm using my parents right now) yeah. ok bye! oh, and its offical. i graduated.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

just so you know

i got conformation that my teacher from my summer class is changing my grade. WOOT!! double woot! WOOTWOOT! so, i have offically turned in the two from the summer and got the grade change. i turned in the rough draft of my research paper (which is 30% of the final paper grade). so now, all i have left is 2 three page papers and finishing my research paper. and a final. know, i just realized, i'm not sure what she's changing my grade to... i hope its passing, because that would be sad for me... oh well, i'm going to be positive. and finish what's left.